Vaccine Paranoia

First Century Church Life

Paranoia among the Christian community is at an all-time high regarding the COVID-19 Vaccine, largely due to political mistrust of our government leaders, medical scientists, and media outlets. Misinformation has also been greatly spewed from church pulpits and popular televangelists. Many believers (including members of my own family) are suffering from a mental condition of paranoia and delusion. They have lost touch with reality and are refusing to take the vaccine without evidence of any harm.

I “sat on the fence” regarding the vaccine for many months praying and seeking God for guidance and direction – whether to take the COVID-19 vaccine or not. On numerous occasions I believe the LORD spoke to me and gave me the green light to do so. So I finally did, to the amazement of my friends and family who reacted as if I had committed the unpardonable sin.

I, myself, have now taken…

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